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107.1 FM Radio - Episode #35
Harry Potter & the Deadly Hallows

Colleen, Eugene, Justin, Aaron and I will be LIVE tonight with another GREAT Show focusing upon the Harry Potter Films (Parts I and II) The Deathly Hallows…we are all very excited for this show, as these two movies represent some of the finest filmmaking ever made, while revealing the most Beautiful, Highest Truths ever revealed on Celluloid…

During the show we will be focusing on how this is the One Story of God’s Creation and the Journey of Man…and how Harry Potter is yet another Christ-like figure who is fighting his Demon-side, Lord Voldemort, the Ego of his Left Brain, so that he can reject SIN once and for all, and Cross the Bridge, to the Right hand side of God, in Heaven Upon Earth…we will also Decode what the Deathly Hallow Trinity of Images actually relates to, which is Human Physiology…

So, make sure you join us for this MAGICAL show, where we Decode the Highest Truths of our Purpose in Life from the Harry Potter Classic Movie, The Deathly Hallows…see you tonight!

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy this masterpiece to the glory of God’s Creation.