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Unfortunately, the fresh cloak countries on the pier and you will basins under water; making Ariel to think the woman mate was deceased

Because research that their religion crazy remains, Hook swears they towards Emma’s label, however, simply next “Ariel”is the reason real colors try shown when she places an excellent curse for the his mouth

Hook up was approached by the Smee, who would like to discover why they’re not crew friends more and what he’s hiding from the lost 12 months about Enchanted Forest. With the Emma’s consult, Hook uses your day having Henry when David and you will Mary Margaret appear that have an old associate, Ariel, which he guiltily recalls on the forgotten seasons. Hook pretends to not ever know any single thing whenever Ariel requires when the the guy understands Eric’s whereabouts, but is urged by the David and you can Mary Margaret to aid. The guy and you will Ariel look at the pawnshop interested in an old belonging away from Eric’s. Hook up discovers the fresh prince’s cloak, however, lays about how the guy recognizes it. Belle uses good locator potion towards the product, that leads Hook and you may Ariel in order to its proprietor. Overridden that have feel dissapointed about, Hook up acknowledges what transpired between himself and you may Ariel last year; assured one to reclaiming their boat you may complete an emptiness kept within the his cardio out of having to hop out the woman the guy loved. Presenting herself since the Zelena, she fills your from inside the into real Ariel’s joyfully actually just after with Eric and you can teaches you their intent inside the cursing him so he normally hug Emma and ruin this lady secret. She alerts, is always to he fail, Emma’s loved ones usually pass away. Regrouping into the other people, Connect tells them throughout the Ariel’s reunion with Eric to your Hangman’s Area, and therefore folks gets a glimpse out of whenever Emma systems a photo of partners in the same venue. Before leaving, Emma informs him that she not cares on which he is actually hiding about lost seasons. (“The fresh new Jolly Roger”)

On aftermath, Regina bestows Henry which have correct love’s kiss and you can getaways the curse

Immediately following Zelena successfully takes Regina’s center, Hook up reports having a group seance to open a portal so you can the new house of your dry making use of the now defunct candle to speak with Cora regarding the the girl first-produced children’s roots. Connect, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Regina link give because portal reveals, however, Cora does not want to come. Link happen to bumps the latest dining table, once the a surprised Mary Margaret so you’re able to withdraw their hand, evoking the portal to shut. Just after the latest hit a brick wall try, most of the get off but Mary Margaret, who remains to aid Regina clean up. Distractedly, Hook up pays nothing desire whenever Emma is showing off her much more effective secret so you can your. However, whenever she teleports away their hook, he reacts grumpily instead of disclosing the real reason for his bad vibe. Immediately following Belle figures out just what spell Zelena is actually about to cast, visitors productivity in order to Regina’s home immediately after Mary Margaret is temporarily possessed of the Cora’s heart. Mary Margaret shows Cora, currently pregnant with several other man’s child, used to be engaged to Leopold, however, King Eva deliberately destroyed they. Consequently, that it caused Cora in order to reluctantly abandon Zelena once birth. Are you aware that delicacies off Zelena’s enchantment, due to the fact Belle teaches you, he or she is for a while spell to improve the past; namely to help you destroy Eva and maintain Cora out of leaving the lady first-born boy. (“Hemorrhaging Using”)

Whether or not Link planned to arrive to have a team meeting with David, Emma, Mary Margaret and you may Regina, he is kidnapped by the Mr. Gold, thrown on the an automobile truck and you will taken to Zelena, whom pushes him cure Emma’s vitality or Henry usually perish. Computed to protect new man, Link finishes Henry leaving urban area by yourself inside Emma’s vehicle all the while stating he’s an easier way. On a journey to your docks, he introduces Henry so you’re able to Smee and claims his buddy will bring your out of Storybrooke towards the a yacht. Up until the plan is determined towards the activity, numerous flying monkeys assault. Whenever you are Henry and you may Smee flee, Link eliminates a number of the beasts having ammunition up to running-out regarding ammunition. Luckily for us, Emma comes to get the past that. Henry regains their forgotten recollections shortly after touching the fresh new fairy tale storybook, however, Zelena interferes by proceeding to help you choke your and you may blames Connect for perhaps not carrying out exactly what she questioned. Emma amazingly scalds the fresh new witch; pushing the lady to flee. Connect confesses Zelena cursed their mouth and you will bought him to eradicate Emma’s secret of the kissing the girl. The guy admits trying to need Henry out of town since the Zelena endangered so you’re able to harm him. Annoyed within his secrets, she informs him off; trusting it needs to be the girl duty alone to guard Henry. David and you may Mary Margaret together with accuse him regarding lying concerning the heading mention the guy acquired from their website one to led your locate Emma. Connect insists some one delivered it, however, the guy cannot learn which. (“A curious Topic”)